Sketches by Larry Valenzuela

Neren sketches Dram on the aft deck of the Heart of Ash —unfinished

What kind of man are you? —unfinished

Miniatures painted by Alan Preuss

Alan Preuss in his studio

Edion in Miniature (Selected Works)

Nimlinor's laden camel (SOT 1) Hill giants Figg and Fráli (SOT 1) The ghoul Habrescorn (SOT 1)
Kobolds mounted on rust monsters (SOT 1) Trog tyrant (SOT 1) Thameera in Ffleudder's tomb (SOT 1) Neren and his cats (SOT 2)
The Iron Coffer Adventuring Company (SOT 2) Knights of the Lance Unbroken (SOT 2)
Last Defenders of the Tower of Llómydien (SOT 2) Neren's family, from L to R: mother Calais, grandmother Editas, elder sister Calissa (SOT 2)
Orcs at the Battle of the Tower (SOT 2) Orc Brutes (SOT 2)
Orc Maulers (SOT 2)
The blue wyrm Malstryx (SOT 3 and SOT 4) Malstryx's wyrmlings Malmox (L) and Myxis (R) (SOT 3) Spectre in the House of Aulmpiter (SOT 3)
Flinds Tvash-Szet of the White Tooth Clan (L) and Tvash-Prul of the Black Shawl Clan (R) (SOT 3) Aulmpiter's beholder construct, blood ooze, and 3 skulking cysts (SOT 3)
The Abishaim warriors Imtah (L), Dogha Sebarus (middle), and Shatiron (R) (SOT 3) Queen Dulpae of Viscachün and devilish retinue (SOT 3)
The pit fiend Mulemox (SOT 3) The Mulcibim Farcluun (SOT 3) and Dandaru (introduced SOT 5) Orc Prowlers (SOT 4)
Eagle and progeny (SOT 4) Khraelyn Steelmoon (COB campaign and SOT 4)
Pernoctaran remorhaz (SOT 5) The rakshasae Imul-Ðudįn (Keeper of Secrets campaign) and Charnadis (Keeper of Secrets and SOT 5) Skeleton of Ascérdes Jenjenner (SOT 5)
The Minister Shaledaggum (SOT 5) Moxirth the Mad atop the Grandal Device (SOT 5)
Heroes of the Golden Key Campaign
(from L to R; back row: the griffon Dandelion, the centaur Thorndak, the treant Verudwan;
front row: the satyr Ius, the dwarf Gotri, the boy Neren, the pixie Syra Moonflower)
The Frog King, Frog Prince, boy Neren, and Syra Moonflower (from Neren's background)
Blister, spawn of the nymph Sepseskegyth
and the Great Red Wyrm Klypss (Crowded Sea campaign)