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Alcimer: Red dragon; great wyrm who lairs in the Spine of Ghori. Alcimer's progeny, the dragons Dulcet and Adraremos, stole the amphora of Belkuzagan from the Fellowship of Aenor in 891 AL. Alcimer later returned the efreeti's prison to Ophelius, in exchange for the promise to recapture the dragon's stolen treasure from the City of Brass. The treasure was wagered by then Grand Sultan of the efreet, Marrake al-Lazan, in a steeplechase during the fellowship's adventures on the Plane of Fire. Khraelyn Steelmoon won that race atop the Blue Mare, and the treasure was later returned to the Hither Lands and kept hidden in the Tower of Llómydien, until its eventual return to Alcimer. The kings of Sol-Fatara paid Alcimer an annual tribute of 10,000 gold coins, a debt inherited by the imperial governors of that realm.

Alardwë: Elvish word meaning "Elemental Nodes."

Amydh: The Unmanifest World; not-place; The Void. Amydh (also Amydd, or Amidh) is an elvish word describing the barely tangible force that lies between and joins the elemental, spectral, and divine planes. It is not a plane, per se, nor a substance, but a description of the emptiness of the multiverse. The druids have taken it to mean "The Balance," referring to the symmetry of the known planes of existence (fire is opposed by water, evil is opposed by good, positive is opposed by negative, etc.). Ant., Tamylt.

Anadrieldur: Second Farseer; Anadrieldur was corrupted by the Doombrammor into embracing divinity. He succumbed, and thereby awoke the Eäril, giving spirituality to the world. Anadrieldur led an opposition of elves against Nematranée and those who opposed the new spirituality, culminating in the War of Sundering. Anadrieldur was overthrown by the Stormbringer Caladon. He was succeeded by Eärithrarion.

Artifex: Eältar; Shaper of Worlds. A being or entity of strange aspect who dwells in the Citadel of Eternity, in Echolost, at the center of the Plane of Time. The Artifex shapes the World Stone, casting down shards to the base of Mt. Istalion with the forging of each new world.

Arvoreen: Second Everqueen of Fil-Garil.

Bastanak: Giant lizards of the Kubi-Algi desert; kept as herd animals by the desert nomads of that region. The acidic blood of the bastanak is mixed with the venom of giant scorpions, and other ingredients, to make a potent liquor called basuril, highly valued among desert communities as a poison and hallucinogen. Bastanaks are bred in many shapes and sizes, from small hunting lizards to large pack animals. Some bastanak breeds are able to spit acid.

Belkuzagan: Grand Sultan of the Efreet; Al-Saabah, Grand Sultan of the City of Brass, Lord of the Molten Sky, Archomental of Fire, Supreme Commander of the Efreet; last of the Sultans, defeated by the Fellowship of Aenor in ~893 AL. Belkuzagan was a tyrant among efreet, who was blinded by lusts and mistrusts, and possessed an insatiable need for conquest. The sultan invited war upon Edion, and sent his minions to destroy the nodes of Elemental Fire that connected his realm to the Manifest World. When the sultan's heirloom, the Crown of Brass, was destroyed in the Siege Impetuous by Ophelius, the damage was soon repaired and the efreet were eradicated for all time.

Bottled City of Yoros: A bottle of strange material that holds the ancient Githzerai city of Yoros, from the world of Thariom. Therein are contained the Shards of Thariom (Quercil-thärdoni), which are coveted by Tharthammon. The Bottled City was recovered by the Fellowship of Atân from the tomb of Ffluedder Fflamtalligon in AO 178 (SOT1).

Bursar: A cleric of the god Matravus.

Crown of Brass: Wreath-sigil of Belkuzagan; forged by the Nameless God in the Siege Impetuous to enslave the Plane of Fire. Destroyed by Ophelius in 894 AL, thus ending the Curse of Belkuzagan.

Citadel of Eternity: Dwelling of the Artifex, where the World Stone is shaped. Located in Echolost, at the center of the Plane of Time. The Dwarf Father Grima also dwells in the Citadel of Eternity.

Dendwaru: Ethereal savant; formerly Voster Lundley. The mystic name "Dendwaru" is used only by Talqavist and the wizards of the Tower of Llómydien. He is more commonly called Frayhome or The Silver Prophet.

Drymdail: Dwarven King; formed an alliance with queen Nematranée against the orcs. Drymdail sent runesmiths to Thard-Harr led by the dwarf lord Himring, who raised mountains and crafted a prison, called Shargol-Bogra, to contain Magrud and the orcs.

Eäril:Elder gods; the eight gods of the world of Edion. In the tongues of Men, they are: Virtus (LG), Elai (NG), Ozian (CG), Felish (LN), Furis (CN), Nilzabar (LE), Majubastis (NE), and Yôzar (CE). Each is represented in the Manifest World by a Doombrammon, or Divine Lens, a conduit between the Manifest World and the deity's plane of origin. In the divine planes, the Eäril are attended by ministering spirits, lesser gods and goddesses elevated to divine status. Esus, the spirit of the Tower of Llómydien is considered the ninth elder god by the Abnoctim, but since Esus is not represented by a Doombrammon (apart from the Tower itself), the goddess's elder status is rejected in Azalan.

Eärnóna:Elvish language, given to the elves by Grandal.

Edion: The Third Continent; the Third World. Home of the elves, dwarves, and orcs, and birthplace of the Cáladain (Men). Also called Tamylt, the Manifest World, and the Hither Lands to recognize its existence apart from Istalion. It is on Edion that the mortal races currently live.

Elshieryll: Flame of Wisdom; shardstone of the Archon Talqavist, stolen by Moxirth the Mad (SOT2).

Evercourt: House of the Everqueen; including her consort, offspring, and shieldmaidens, and all her retinue. Originally based in Isil-Gäde, the evercourt became increasingly mobile after the War of Sundering. The Fellowship of Aenor appeared before the Evercourt in 892 AL on the Isle of Apples to confirm Ophelius as Stormbringer.

Everqueen: Ruler of the elves; a hereditary position passed from mother to daughter. There were nine everqueens during the Age of Elves.

Faldenhelm: A city on the bank of the river Trale in Sol-Fatara. The Fellowship of Atân passed briefly through Faldenhelm en route to Fanal-Tîrun (SOT2).

Fanal-Tîrun: Capital city of Sol-Fatara; City of Elai's Martyrs. Ancient domain of Alirajan and the kings of Sol-Fatara.

Fil-Garil: Treehome; Realm of the Elves; where Grandal sank his roots into the earth after crossing the ocean.

Frayhome: Common name given to Dendwaru, the Silver Prophet, by the Abnoctim.

Grandal: Tree-Father; led the elves across the sea to the Hither Lands. Slain by orcs during the First War. His heartwood was fashioned into the Farseer Staff, and the last of his acorns was hatched by Sabirine into the Heart of Sabirine.

Gro: A stone warden in the service of Uergus Warmanes. The Fellowship of Atân was apprehended by Gro in the city of Galantir (SOT1).

Iron Coffer: An adventuring company in Galantir with ties to the mayor Uergus Warmanes; led by Skyndyn Skayn and comprising the following individuals: Octam Mezati, Cord Basi, Gola Par, and the notorious Moxirth the Mad.

Isil-Gäde: Handsome Trees; ancient home of the Evercourt and chief among the elven enclaves of Ithiltaen, now abandoned.

Istalion: The Dragon Throne; in elven myth a mountain beyond the Hither Lands whereupon the four world dragons hold court, and mediate the seasons of the world.

Ithiltaen: Old Wood; forest spanning the walls of the Thundaril Mountains in Fil-Garil.

Llómydien: First Farseer; Pilgrim of the Silver Void; architect of the Tower of Llómydien; Astral Savant. Llómydien dispatched the elves on many quests to recover the eight Doombrammor.

Lóliévar: The Beaked Dragon; great beast of the ocean who carries the Node of Life (Vela-Andúin) upon his back. Lóliévar was commanded by Ophelius to submerge beneath the waves following the attack of Parhanzia.

Lookinghaven: Castle Starkwall; four levitating towers in orbit above Granitehome. Each tower was dedicated to a gnome god. The tower of Sheyanna Flaxenstrand was destroyed in SOT1 while being lowered.

Magrud: Orc Mother; Swollen One; the Dead Mother; the progenitor of all orcs. Her lair is Thard-Harr, where she is trapped in a prison made by Drymdail, called Shargol-Bogra.

Moxirth the Mad: Ostracized wizard of the Abnoctim. Moxirth was banished by his kin for dueling crimes and possession of multiple shardstones (strictly forbidden by Abnoctim doctrine). Moxirth joined with the Iron Coffer adventuring company briefly. He later took the shardstone Elshieryll from Talqavist (SOT2). Moxirth is also known to possess the shardstones Ajaryth, Urodor, Mor, Miandran, and his own stone Molion, in addition to a large collection of lesser stones relieved from Talqavist in the hours after the Siege of Llómydien. After Nimlinor's experience on the Path of Remembrance, Moxirth became involved in a project known loosely as "The Grandal Device." Intelligence concerning this device is extremely fragmentary.

Nematranée: Third Everqueen of Fil-Garil; presided during the War of Sundering. Slain by her shieldmaiden while encamped in the Wych Wood.

Old Bursar: Nickname given to Eponan Drith, High Priest of the Temple of Matravus in Galantir. The plunder of Granitehome was assessed a value in coin by the Old Bursar (SOT2).

Orsemachus: A small town on the left bank of the river Orse, a tributary of the Trale in Sol-Fatara. The Fellowship of Atân passed briefly through Orsemachus en route to Faldenhelm (SOT2).

Osk: __________________.

Pelimë: Largest of the Quercil-ëdoni; set by Sabirine into the Farseer Staff.

Phandiom: The First Continent; the First World. Home of the Archetypes. Destroyed by the Artifex. Notable survivors of Phandiom are Syngyn the Exile, Tharthammon, and Thameera.

Pórthion: First Stormbringer; led the elves to victory against the orcs during the First War. Cast down the gates of Thard-Harr.

Praxis: World Dragon of Summer; after the War of Sundering, Praxis reposed in Fil-Garil and was a friend to the elves. He returned to Istalion with the elves after the Heretic War of 894 AL.

Quercil-ëdoni: lit., Shards of the World; Shards of Edion; flawed gemstones collected by the elves from the base of Istalion at the beginning of Time.

Quercil-thärdoni: lit., Shards of Thariom; birth-jewels of the world Thariom collected at the base of Istalion by the githzerai. Sought by Tharthammon and Thameera, and quested for by the Fellowship of Atân in AO 178.

Ryrr: Hatame's fish hawk; appeared to Hatame in SOT2 with word from the Emperor of Azalan that Hatame should return to Torand.

Sabirine: First Everqueen of Fil-Garil; presided over Treehome during the First War.

Sebrilia: Ninth Everqueen of Fil-Garil; presided over Treehome during the quest of the Fellowship of Aenor. Her death marked the end of the Age of Elves.

Sheeral Warmanes: Cousin of Uergus Warmanes; Captain of the Sheriffs of Galantir. Sheeral escorted the Fellowship of Atân to Granitehome and back again.

Siege Impetuous: Blasphemous project of Nilzabar to mine Carceri for fuel, for the creation of runes of enslavement, most notably the Crown of Brass.

Skyndyn Skayn: Gentleman adventurer; leader of the Iron Coffer adventuring company. Skyndyn's association with the renegade wizard Moxirth the Mad led ultimately to his death during an ill-fated attack on the Fellowship of Atân; he was slain by Valandil in the streets of Galantir (SOT2). Skyndyn was well known for his two magic pistols, which were taken by Nerenethos after the Iron Coffer's defeat.

Stone Warden: Hulking constructs of stone and magma, shaped into massive, almost perfect humanoid forms. Stone wardens constitute the most destructive element of the Empire's ground forces. Each stands more than 9 feet tall and weighs approximately 1,500 pounds. Typically they are armed with two-bladed swords of dark stone which conduct the warden's inner heat.

Tamylt: The Manifest World; elvish word describing the sum of all realities (i.e., the elemental, spectral, and divine planes considered as a whole). Ant., Amydh.

Thard-Harr: Orc Home; wastelands east of Fil-Garil. Ravaged by Praxis during the reign of Arvoreen. The Dead Mother, Magrud, and her unbrood, the Orcs, dwell there.

Thameera: The Travesty; spider-like being of the first world. Conspired with Tharthammon to free the Bottled City of Yoros from the Citadel of Eternity, where it was kept by the Artifex. Later sought the Bottled City in Granitehome, where it was interred with the corpse of Ffluedder Fflamtalligon. A shaft of light sent down from Solaris by Garl Glittergold prevented her from entering the crypt and taking the bottle. Thameera was defeated in AO 178 by the Fellowship of Atân, but she was not destroyed (SOT1). She later confronted Nimlinor in the Tower of Llómydien during the Siege of Llómydien, but unsuccessfully tried to steal the Bottled City from him and was again defeated (SOT2). She is not slain.

Thariom: The Second Continent; the Second World. Home of the Gith, being two races: githzerai and githyanki. Destroyed by the Artifex.

Tharthammon: The Treader of the Dust; The Archetype; ancient being of the world Phandiom. Tharthammon was exiled to the Astral Plane following the destruction of Phandiom. He sought to corrupt the githyanki of Thariom, and campaigned with Thameera to win the Shards of Thariom (see Quercil-thärdoni) from the githzerai. Following the destruction of Thariom, Tharthammon was imprisoned in Carceri by the Artifex, then later freed by the destruction of the Node of Furis at the hand of Emperor Toum. The tale of the Shards of Thariom largely centers around the imminent return of Tharthammon to Edion (see Legend of the Artifex).

Torand: Capital of the Empire of Azalan; here the Emperor Gento of Azalan rules.

Tower of Llómydien: Node of Cordis Pondus (N); great tower constructed by the Farseer Llómydien during the first age of Fil-Garil and inset with the Doombrammor. Anadrieldur later occupied the tower and led the elves in a rebellion against Nematranée. After the War of Sundering, the tower was occupied by Eärithrarion and briefly by Ophelius, before Talqavist returned and reestablished the Collegium Magica. The Abnoctim resided there for many centuries before their expulsion by Eärithrarion during the Godswar, and later returned. Although the elves eventually departed Fil-Garil, a small staff of bladesingers, including Calin Stormblade, remain to defend the tower and its vast resources from those who would plunder it.

Uergus Warmanes: Mayor Intendant of Galantir, Azalim. Negotiated a commission to plunder Granitehome with the Fellowship of Atân in SOT1.

Vela-Andúin: Node of Life; carried upon the back of Lóliévar. Following navigational charts made in the time of Nematranée, and using a natatolabe recovered from Essares-Luminar, the Fellowship of Aenor discovered the life node on their quest to find the standing stones of Syngyn the Exile. Ophelius learned of the prophecy to destroy the Crown of Brass, and defeated Cotopaxi in ritual combat to become Druid of Vela-Andúin. Later, the gnomes of Granitehome came to reside at Vela-Andúin, to commune in peace with Elai.

World Stone: The great condensation of Amydh and Tamylt shaped by the Artifex to make the planes of existence. The multiverse is a reflection of the World Stone, which facets are variations on the planes: elemental, spectral, and divine. Located in Echolost at the Citadel of Eternity. With each reduction of the world stone by the Artifex, shard stones are cast down to the base of Istalion and new continents arise.

Wyrdlander: A mortal fey, such as Ffluedder Fflamtalligon.

Wyrdlen: Any of the faeriekind. Wyrdlen are the divine inhabitants of Edion. There are nine groups, corresponding to the nine divine planes: azer and domovoi (LG); gnomes and sylphs (NG); sprites, including pixies, nixies, grigs, atomies, and their relatives (CG); brownies (LN); dryads and buckawns (N); beastmen, including centaurs, satyrs, hybsils, and korred (CN); kobolds, troglodytes, and other reptilian fey (LE); gargoyles, nothics, and their kin (NE); and nymphs, nereids, kelpies, and other mischievous water faeries (CE). Mechanics note: The wyrdlen races listed here possess the Fey type and are modified accordingly.