Halls of the Dwarves
March 7-8, 2009.


"All of us or none of us." — Neren


"I love gaming with everyone in this saga and Justin's world (although these players certainly claim partial ownership as well) continues to grow in ways both physical and emotional... Backtracking from the finale, I had no idea what to expect of Balagarn's throne room, but Moxirth and the Drow weren't even on my list of possibilities... While I always like to throw dice, this game is made special by the interactions of characters (both PC and NPC) and the in-character conversation this weekend was no exception. Well done one and all! ...As a cynic when it comes to human nature, I don't think I had any hope that the Fellowship could ever rise above its own humanity. I saw the weekend as very much a Shakespearean tragedy... Its glory is IN its sadness and its triumph is illuminating human folly so that others might walk a different path."
— Keith
"The climax was of course a high point as they usually are, but I have to admit I did not see it coming at all... When Yngvarr jumped atop the Anvil and tossed down the tooth... that was the one thing that could keep Mabul from joining him atop it... 'The price is always blood,' how prophetic... We have lost our punching bag Nimlinor, we have lost the cool-headed Valandil, we have lost the passionate Yngvarr and we've lost the hopeful Neren... The fellows that are gone will be sorely missed. Gentlemen its brilliant! I try to explain to my gaming group the level of detail and complexity that these characters possess, but any description pales in comparisson to the experience of interacting with them."
— Larry
"Thanks to everyone for the 10-year anniversary game of COB/SOT. It was a weekend of gaming with equal parts entertainment and depression. Many memorable and enjoyable encounters were had... but let us be honest, that was a depressing story. It was like ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ in tone, but much darker. SOT 6 was a great story, but destroying the Shards came at a heavy cost that sundered the Fellowship. It makes me sad that the Fellowship disintegrated rather than overcome and grow stronger... Hope remains, however. A new fellowship will be formed with four new members. In this new fellowship I will place my hope... I think it is critically important for us as players to examine and debate the impact of SOT6 because it is such an important event that should have profound impact on the future of the campaign."
— J.P.
"JP's analogy of SOT 6 to Empire is a good one. It was dark, it was dreadful at many times, and it was not easy... The pall and dread that we all shared at the Saturday night break brought us together on Sunday for an intricate scene which will, I suspect, stand the test of time as one of the best (most memorable, perhaps) in the SOT saga... JP did a MASTERFUL job of staying true to the character and not just getting redeemed for the ease of the story and the party... I think the only person who railroaded Nimlinor into the position he found himself in was Nimlinor, and not anyone on the other side of the fourth wall. That speaks volumes about the complexity of the world and the characters that inhabit it and the quality of the playing that brought those characters to life. I know that, for me, Nimlinor set a bar at the table that forced me to become a better player. But, any game where the Tragedy of Nimlinor was to reach its apogee was sure to be a dark and uncomfortable one."
— Justin G.
" The old fellowship was—to one extent or another—manipulated into being by the Powers That Be. It struggled with its belief in self-determination and its own destiny throughout its entire existence. Nonetheless, it was an example—or a symbol, or a puppet, if you will—to the rest of Edion's humans. We struck a match that became a torch that became a beacon. The new characters are the inheritors of the hope we fought (each other, at times) for. Any chance they have to live in a future is because we gave it to them. The new fellowship need not be forged in mutual distrust and held together by desperation. Rather, this new fellowship can be held together by what we always argued for: free will. Act I of this saga is over. I'm glad Neren was part of it, but I'm also looking forward to Aispha-. The shards are destroyed, and Tharthammon is locked out for the time being, but this war is far, far from over."
— Adrian
"To be perfectly honest I was ready to scrap Narntay on Monday morning. While he may be willing to 'do whatever it takes with no remorse' for the Cáladain's survival, this concept is someting I am uncomfortable with... For now I will simply say, Farewell Yngvarr Yngvildir's Son! Farewell Neren the Fey! And farewell my friend Nimlinor.' Even though I am sure you will all bring strong and memorable characters to the table I will truely miss Narntay's old companions. "
— Jeffery


1. Flight of the Noblesse
2. The Treachery of Bamengouna-Bey
3. The Treachery of the Cloud Giant King
4. Audience with the Bonepicker
5. Temple of the Timewarder
6. Fellowship Broken

1. Flight of the Noblesse

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